Blast Furnace Tuyere Monitoring System

Series No.STV4800

STV4800 Blast Furnace Tuyere Monitoring System is a kind of special industrial monitoring device installed on the Tuyere peephole. The system also analysis the captured video and give out feedback to abnormal working condition and analyze the temperature distribution of the tuyere area.


1. Real-time monitor the working condition of Tuyere area, and automatically give out alarm signal when the coal injection lance is blocked.

2. Real-time measure the compare working temperature of Tuyere area, and automatically generate the temperature profile.

3. Simultaneously display the working condition of all tuyeres at same time.

4. Digital zoom-in function is available.

5. Video and temperature profile will be save to system automatically.

6. No cooling required design.

7. On-line maintenance supported.

STV4800 STV4800

1. Advanced Heat-Insulation Protection.
The camera protector is using heat insulation design. The structure and heat- resistance stainless steel is ensuring the camera can run without cooling medium. Which significant increase the stability of operation. The design also makes on-line maintenance became possible.

2. View Finder Design
Camera protector also includes a viewfinder design. The on-site worker also can inspect the working situation of tuyere as before, in the mean time, the operator inside main control room can also observe the working situation synchronously. The viewfinder also includes a light filter, on-site can directly check the working situation without protection glass.

3. Easy Installation
The installation of equipment only requires a customized adapter attached between camera protectors and existing viewfinder. The whole process is less than 5 minutes.

4. Intelligence Software.
The system can automatically compare the temperature between each tuyere, and generate a profile of temperature distribution, and also can save all video and data into the system. Which can provide more information for future analyze.
The system also can detect irregular condition of the tuyere, (blockage of the coal injection lance, offset of the coal injection lance, etc.) and send out alarm automatically.