Anti Explosion Flame Monitoring System

Series No. STV5400

STV5400 Anti-Explosion Flame Monitoring System is an intelligent system designed to monitor flame in explosive environment. The system can automatically analyze boiler burner’s flame, and send out feedback for the length of flame or alarm for flame out. The system has Certificate to Standard for Electronically Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres.

1. Real time monitoring the condition of flame.

2. Automatically measure the length of flame.

3. Automatically trigger alarm when flame is out.

4. Automatically save video and data into system.

5. The equipment is suitable for explosive environment.

6. On-line maintenance supported.


1. Anti Explosion Design
The system is using anti explosive design, both the electric part and camera protector are anti explosion.
Protective device is using the working principle of dual cylinder. The piston rods are designed as hollow to contain the camera inside. This design ensures the performance of air seal.

2. Intelligence Software
The software can automatically analyze the video. It will measure the length of flame. If the flame is out the system will trigger alarm. All data and video will be store in system automatically.

3. Advanced Protection
The system is adopted with automatic enter and withdraw system, when the supply of cooling medium is irregular, or the temperature inside the protector is higher than preset value, the system will automatically withdraw. This also makes on-line maintenance available.





Furnace Temperature


Environment Temperature


Cooling Medium

Cooling Air

Inlet Pressure

0.40.6 MPa

Air Pipe Diameter



0.6 M³/min

Cooling Water

Inlet Pressure

0.30.4 MPa

Water Pipe Diameter



1 M³/h


Power Supply

220V AC 50Hz

Power Consumption