Hot Rolling Billet Spray Number Recognition System

Series No. STV7000

STV7000 Hot Billet Spray Number Recognition System is a intelligent system, which is using machine vision technology to read spayed mark from billet and input these information to control computer. The system is fixed on the side of roller conveyor and can bear the high temperature from the billet. All information will be cross reference with existing data base for process management.

1. Online identification for billet spray number.

2. Auto emendation for incomplete number.

3. Cross reference with billet database.

4. Automatically store billet information to the system.

1. Advanced Lighting System
The system has an advanced lighting system. Each camera allocates with two special light sources. The light sources are fixed with filter to provide soft and even light beam. The lighting system can effectively minimize the influence caused by the reflection light from natural light.

2. Advanced Graphic Processing Technology
System uses an adaptive template-matching algorithm, a single character to support multi template pattern. While the system operation, it can automatically learn the font and save them into the database. This provides a high accurate recognition rate.

3. Multi Direction Reading
The system supports to read spray number from different directions. The camera can install at both sides, and collect number information from both sides of the billet at the same time.

4. Hand Input Supported
The system supports hand input to the database. When the system found spray number obscure or missing. The operator can hand input the information to database to avoid continuity of information.



Heat-Resistance Temperature

Environment Temperature



Cooling Medium

Compressed Air


0.40.7 MPa

Inlet Temperature



0.5 M³/min

Power Supply


220V AC

Power Consumption