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Sticks and Tones - Xylophone Ragtime Music

Christina Hopgood and Charles Martin

Devotees of movie songs from the 30s and 40s, novelty marimba music of the 70s and Weird Al Yankovic, Christina Hopgood and Charles Martin are busily creating Australia's underground ragtime xylophone scene with their duo - "Sticks and Tones".
In fact, their recent performance at Christina's "Honours Ragcital" at the Australian National University's School of Music caused such an uproar that she was asked to leave the university (with a degree).
Their quest has led them throughout Australia and around the world with recent performances in the USA at the University of Delaware's "Ragtime Xylophone Institute" and at their very own ragtime mini-festival in PiteƄ, Northern Sweden.

Christina Hopgood is from Canberra, Australia, where she teaches percussion to over 30 students, performs in percussion ensembles and orchestras, and is taking several fashion courses at CIT. 

Christina completed her double degree in Music (performance) and Science (Psychology) in 2010, and then did a year of music honours in 2011, focussing on ragtime xylophone.
A devotee of movie songs from the 30s and 40s, novelty marimba music of the 70s and Weird Al Yankovic, since graduating Christina has been busily creating Australia's underground ragtime xylophone scene.
Christina received two ArtsACT grants in 2011. She received funding to go to the annual Bob Becker Ragtime Xylophone Institute in Delaware, USA, and then to run some ragtime workshops in PiteƄ, Sweden for university students.
Sticks and Tones is Christina's latest venture.
Charles Martin is a specialist in percussion, computer music and interactive media from Canberra.
His music explores formal structures from computing and logic situated in the context of percussive gesture and timbre. He links percussion with electroacoustic music and other media through new interactive technologies. His works, described as “a thing of rare beauty" in The West Australian, have been featured throughout Australia, in Sweden and the USA.
In 2010, Charles was a co-founder of Ensemble Evolution, an international percussion group based in Sweden. The trio is dedicated to exploring the future of percussion through composition, education and technology.
In his spare time, Charles traverses hidden worlds with his cross-artform group, Last Man to Die, re-writing history to their own future-past specifications. In the spirit of hacker culture, he endeavours to “release early, release often", prototyping his works through rapid performance and revision.